No cooking for me tonight

I was just on facebook lamenting the fact that I SO do not feel like cooking. The hubster made me a manhattan and I am playing scrabble. (Note to all: I made sure the kids did all their homework FIRST!!!!) It has been a long day, I spent time looking for an in-wall audio jack at Radio Shack. (At my age, the only time a guy checks me out is when I am geek-speaking at Radio Shack… sigh.) Broke my back soldering said audio jack into the wall! Arghhhh! The best part of the day was when my buddy Jessica called for a lunch break! I walked the dogs, picked up poop, drove #3 back to school to pick up missing books and supervised homework. The good news is that it is good report card day! Hooray! The day when we celebrate good report cards! (my standards have fallen through the years…) We let the kids pick a restaurant and Mom gets the night off of cooking! Three cheers and a Tiger for ME! So, anyway, I am taking the night off from cooking and enjoying a meal out with the family! (I deserve it after the day I had today!) I hope you all have an awesome night as well! Cheers! – Margie The following is my recipe for my favorite winter cocktail:
The southern Comfort Manhattan So good, and a nice way to bond with the husband over our equally crappy days…

Mother's little helper?

Southern Comfort Manhattan, Margie’s way
(Serves 2 people who had lousy days..)

4 oz. Dry vermouth
8 oz. Southern Comfort
lemon peel
dash of bitters
lots of ice

In a measuring cup, place all the ingredients and mix with a spoon. Fill a cocktail glass with ice and pour the lovingly made concoction over said. Enjoy slowly, letting the flavors meld… ahh!


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