You got a Cuban?

Not a cigar, silly – A sandwich! The best reason to make loads of Roast Pork the night before is for sandwiches the next day. The first time I had a Cuban sandwich was in Key West when I was but a slip of a girl. It was a wonderful experience, the crunch of the bread, the creamy cheese, the salty pork and ham and then the sweet and sour of the pickles. So good, and I have been hooked ever since! I wish I was there right now. Hanging out at the point, ocean spray hitting my face… instead I get a blizzard. Que sera! Whenever I make Roast Pork, my kids get very excited because they know that we will be having Cuban Sandwiches the next day for lunch or dinner. You can use a sandwich press if you have one, but I just use my trusty Cast Iron skillet to press them down. You will want to make these, and if you haven’t, I assure you, you are missing out BIG TIME! Try them. Now! Come on! You heard me!

Cuban Sandwich
Cuban Sandwich - I GOT one!

Cuban Sandwiches ala Margie

1 loaf good crusty bread or several rolls (I like ciabatta, french rolls, really anything will work, but I like the crunch) In the picture I used ciabatta rolls from Trader Joes
leftover roast or barbecued pork tenderloin
sliced ham
slices of swiss or provolone cheese
yellow mustard
sliced sweet pickles, dill pickles, mild banana peppers or peppadews
A drizzle of honey (optional)

Cut your bread or rolls in half. Slather both sides with mustard and then lay cheese on both sides. Lay ham on one side and the roast pork on the other. Pickles go in the middle. If using the honey, just drizzle a little over the pickles. Put the sandwich together and fry in butter in a hot pan or press. Press down on the sandwiches while they cook so they flatten slightly. When nice and toasty and the cheese is melted they are ready! (Note: My kids like dill pickles alone. My husband likes pickled pepper rings with bread and butter pickles and I like sliced peppadews… make them the way you like them and Enjoy!


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