Metro detroit foodie havens

I am blessed to live in an area of diverse cultures and I have so much fun shopping or eating at a lot of the places in Metro Detroit that I thought I would share some of my knowledge. If you know of any spots you would like to share, please post a comment so I can check them out!

My first favorite spot is the Zhang BBQ. It is on 31692 John R Madison Heights in a small strip mall near my other favorite spot, the Tai Pan bakery. At Zhang BBQ they roast duck, pork, and lots of other interesting items that I have not tried yet. The roast pork is amazing, it is rich and tender and they cut it right off the pig for you. Delish! Even better is the bbq pork tenderloin! If you need roast pork for Bahn Mi or fried rice, this is what you are looking for! Check it out and don’t be intimidated by the carcasses hanging in the window, this is yummy stuff! After you are done at Zhang BBQ, wander over to TaiPan bakery. They have all kinds of stuffed breads, sweet and savory. My favorites are the shrimp and pork bun and the beef curry bun! I sometimes run in for lunch after shopping at Target. Before you leave check out the Asian grocery in the same strip. It has so many interesting items, very cool!

Zhang BBQ
Roasted duck and pork!

If you have never been to the Polish Market, you really need to remedy the situation! They have a TON of imported food products from Poland. If you like pierogi you can indulge in over 10 kinds! (Bring on the kraut and mushroom pierogi for me!) Check out their deli and the lovely baked goods while you are there as well! Polish Market is on 2938 E. Maple Road in Troy.

When I am craving a nice Braciole or need to pick up some freshly grated parm I always head to Antonio’s 38900 Ryan Rd in Sterling Heights. They have a lovely meat counter and their deli is just wonderful! If you get some parm or Romano cheese grated and he asks you if want the rind, say YES! Throw it into a pot of minestrone soup for extra flavor! I also get Mortadella and hot capicola for my favorite sandwich! They also have a nice selection of Italian wines.

Middle Eastern:
When I need dried chickpeas to make hummus or am just craving a Falafel sandwich I like to go to Oasis Market on 4130 Rochester Rd in Royal Oak. They do some beautiful catering from here, which I have used a lot and they have a deli where you can pick up your hummus, tabouli, grape leaves and middle eastern pastries. The owners are just lovely people who will help you with your selections. Just go.

Hermann’s bakery on 317 South Main Street in Royal Oak is the best bakery I have ever been to! They have wonderful bread and all kinds of sweet baked goods to tempt you. I always get my hamburger and hotdog rolls from Hermann’s and they make a KILLER gooey cake. Also the apple fritters are the best I ever had! Check them out! Follow the signs from I75 southbound Mack exit.

Trader Joes: enough said.

Eastern Market:
I LOVE going to Eastern Market, don’t miss going to the Gratiot meat market across the bridge and Hirt’s for all sorts of good stuff! I think it is one of Detroit’s jewels.

What are your favorites? Please comment and share your favorite places to shop!


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  1. nancy says:

    OK Margie
    How abouts Scotty’s Fish & Chips? The best, an institution. Enuff Said.
    Here is a great place you would never expect to find Mexican food. Family run and fresh.
    and one of my favorite bakeries is Sunnyside. Forget the Pazcki from anywhere else. Get the poppy seed roll here and your bread. The BEST!
    Oh heck and how about Maatouk Bakery Sterling Heights. The family owns it the dad runs the oven so when you get your flat bread (cheese, tomator, herb or meat) he puts it on the paddle and warms it in the brick oven. Great spinach and meat pies. Date cookies too. Not a wide variety but really good. Mid East pastry is around the corner in the same strip mall and Polish Market is kitty corner on 15 mile.
    Christine’s Cuisine, Russell Street Deli, Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes, Avalon Bread, Evie’s Tamales ……… now see what you started!

    1. Awesome, Nancy! I can’t wait to try your spots! Thanks for sharing!

  2. JT says:

    A couple favs-

    Sushi- nobody beats the Japanese market and sushi of Noble fish in Clawson-14 and main. They actually ARE Japanese too!

    Great arabic treats from Shatila bakery on Warren in Dearborn. Also, their kashta (rosewater) icecream is quite unique.

    Cocktails/appetizers from Centaur bar, on Park avenue in Detroit- kinda behind the Fox theater. On their website they have pictures of Michelle Obama doing a fundraiser there. Nuf said.

    Cass Cafe, on cass ave near WSU in Detroit. Great food for veggies and carnivores, and the art on the wall is local, for sale, and changes monthly.

    Bucharest grill, also on park avenue behind the Fox. Counter service, but they have awesome fries, stuffed peppers, shnitzel, and a good cabbage salad. Nothin fancy, but it definitely fills you!

    Sala Thai in Eastern market.

    The living room/Amicis pizza in Berkley, on 12 Mile rd. Good pizzas- also have gluten free! Ask for a cucumber cosmo- you’ll never forget it!

    Woodbridge pub in Woodbridge neighborhood in Detroit has a hipster burger- its a burger with a portabella cap and goat cheese, on a toasted ciabatta.

    I just realized I eat too much….

    1. Nice list! I can’t wait to try these! Thanks!

  3. nancy greenia says:

    Shatila is great and Al Ameer is just down the street. Dinner then dessert

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