Paczki and fruit dip… Signs of Spring?

Ah Spring! Paczki day is one of my personal harbingers of oncoming warmer weather, which is amusing since I usually make myself unworthy for swimsuits on Fat Tuesday. Another sign of Spring is the appearance of fresh fruit served with a fruit dip. Tonight I am trotting out some strawberries with the easiest fruit dip I know: Cream cheese and Marshmallow fluff. Depending on the occasion I add different items to this dip. I love Amaretto, just plain vanilla extract is good too, and I am just dying to try my friend, Jess’s recipe for Kahlua dip. Tonight I wanted to try something a little different and ended up with a creamsicle dip for fruit. It would go well with cut pound cake or angel cake too.
Either way, I am doing 100 situps tonight! Cheers!

strawberries and fruit dip
Strawberries and Creamsicle Dip

Creamsicle Fruit Dip

1 8 oz. pkg of softened cream cheese
1 – 7-12 oz container of marshmallow cream (Fluff for you NYers!)
juice and zest of one orange
(For instructions:
1/2 tsp of buttery sweet dough bakery emulsion of vanilla

Mix all until fluffy in a mixer and serve with cut fruit.


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